Hays Show Lambs

About Us

Nestled in the beautiful Yellowstone River Valley Hays Show Lambs has grown under the shadow of Pompey’s Pillar where the intrepid Lewis and Clark carved their names in the stone some two hundred years ago. 

With an emphasis on raising nationally competitive show lambs we have built an up and coming flock.  Our herd has a unique balance of look, muscle, and function. Out here the ewes have to make a living. Our current ewe base began with several sons by the great Trendsetter. We then coupled these genetics with an exceptional Icon son and created an attractive sheep with muscle, rib shape, bone and maternal strength. Our latest acquisitions, two Template sons and an Ultra son are the next big piece in our success puzzle. We have a great set of big, stout, attractive lambs with huge racks and flat loins. We are striving to maintain that wedge make and a tall fronted, attractive look. Hays Show Lambs is long way up North, but we feel the trip would be well worth the miles.
Who knows, you might find your next hidden gem.